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Safety in every stitch

High-visibility tape

High-visibility tape can be customized in terms of the size, colour and placement. We always recommend a Canadian Safety Association (CSA) placement when possible to ensure that standards are met.

The CSA Z96-15 addresses high visibility safety apparel. There are various options and classifications for garments that feature reflective tape. We can work together to find the best solution for your uniforms.

As per the CSA Z96-15, there are three classes of garments:

class-2-apparel (1).webp
class-3-apparel (1).webp
alternative-apparel-classes (1).webp

There are three trim levels: Level FR, Level 1, Level 2

Reflective tape is either considered Daytime Visible, or Nighttime Visible.  Daytime Visible includes tape that is bright yellow/green and/or bright orange. Nighttime Visible refers to Retroreflective Material. This is a silver tape that bounces light back and provides excellent visibility in low light. Some of the options for tape that will achieve Nighttime Visibility are:

2” Silver – Solid

2” Silver Segmented

2” Combined Performance (Yellow – Silver, Orange - Silver) *allowable for FR applications

4” Combined Performance (Yellow – Silver, Orange – Silver)

Of course, there are also options that meet the above specifications but are also Flame Resistant (FR) should you require a garment to be both FR and High Visibility. Special design and performance allowances for garments intended for Flame Resistant (FR) applications.

CSA Standard Tape Placement:

Trims used must have a minimum width of 50mm. 

Stripes and bands to be symmetric “X” on the back, two vertical stripes on the front, waist level horizontal stripe extending entirely around garment, horizontal stripe around each arm, horizontal stripe around each leg. Gaps for fastening or seams shall not exceed 50 mm from edges.

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