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About Us

Get to know us

WearWell Garments is a Canadian, full-service manufacturer and distributer of workwear uniforms. We serve all industries, from mining, transportation, utilities, to food processing and hospitality, including fire-resistant clothing. 

Everything we make is produced right here at our manufacturing facility in Stellarton, Nova Scotia. From conception and design, production, inspection, and distribution -- it all happens in house, and our dedicated and highly-skilled employees oversee each step along the way. 

This means that no matter how big or small your need is, we have the skills and over 40 years of expertise under our belt to get the job done right.

Manufacturing right here in Canada allows WearWell Garments to produce quality, ethically-made workwear uniforms that are specific to our customers needs, and that meet labour and safety regulations for your industry.


Individual design and attention is given to every uniform program we provide, and program management is our expertise.

We are ready to work with you to find your workwear solution.

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